Metaphysical Matrix

The Alchemy of Self-Love: How to Excavate Your Heart’s True Essence by Transforming your Emotional Pain, Triggers and Trauma.

A free talk about The Transformational Alchemy Process™; a powerful, life changing, soul journey that uses a fusion of eastern and western, energy and transformation techniques, that heals the heart’s psychic wounds at their core and opens a flow of genuine Self-love that naturally changes and elevates every area of your life. If you are carrying unresolved long-term or reoccurring emotional triggers and you are ready to transform that energy into genuine Self-love, then please join me. There will be a group experience, a free gift for those that attend and more.


Karen Free is a professional public speaker, teacher and Transformational Alchemist opening a new practice in Houston. She has been developing, practicing and teaching the components of Transformational Alchemy, that include Divine Love Energy Healing™, Qigong, Hypnosis, NLP and Meditation, for over two decades.

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