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Astro Camp presented by Spiritual Element Astrology

Do you want to be able to read your own star map? Are you ready for a shift in your life ? Are you wanting to elevate your capabilities of healing and thriving in your spiritual world ? I am here to show you that astrology CAN and WILL do that for you. Astrology is an ancient tool used by many generations for sacred and spiritual purposes. Are you having trouble accepting parts of your self? Are you constanty Asking questions as to why things worked out the way they did in your life ? Learning about the energy of your path through astrology allows for a deeper understanding of where you came from and who you are. Astrology can attuned you to the perception of knowing how life works. My astrology course will not only teach how to understand the energies of our world , but it also has an amazing capability to open up doors for you to awaken the healer within. My astrology course will shed away your fears of your mistakes and unbearable karma. Allow me to lead you with the door open to a soul hacking course. Your journey with me will be unforgetable!

$50 Ticket includes all:

Astro Camp Schedule 
– Introductions , Tea, and Opening Messages from spirit
– Discussion on elements, archetypes, and energy
– Discussion on How to read your birth chart, Aspects, & Transits
– A look Into your OWN SOUL (Your own Printed Birth Chart)
– How to use Transits in your own Spiritual Practice, Ceremonial Uses, and Rituals 
– Create our Own Healing Therapy Roll On For the Elements You Lack
– Guided Meditation & Sound Healing 
– Love & Goodbyes 

Ever Since I was 8 years old I have been In tune with astrological energy. I am now sharing the art of Astrology + Rituals around the city of Houston with our Organization, Houston Healing Circles. I also create monthly Energy Forecast on my You Tube channel , Spiritual Element. Gifted with Strong intuition and knowledge of the metaphysical, I am honored to open space for new astrologers to plant their seeds and focus on the unreached dimensions of their souls.

Tickets are available online: Eventbrite

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