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Become a Shaman Healer with Master Toledo

He will give you the Gift of Violet Flame, an Aspect of the Great Spiritual Master and Alchemist, Saint Germaine. You will receive a Hands on Transmission! You will instantly become  a Shaman Healer!

Now you can Heal “Yourself” and Family…

This Tibetan Transmission is a hands on Workshop as each person will be taught how to use these Healing Energies transferred to you from Master Toledo.

We will “practice” on each other and Heal each other with the New Healing Energies encoded now in your Spiritual DNA…You will “Feel,Sense” your partner problem and they will confirm it.This is time Tested…

You don’t need years of Meditation or Spiritual Practices to attain the Profound Healing Ability. Master Toledo will just touch your head for a few minutes and Natures Energy will bring you to another Level of Consciousness of your Total Being.

You don’t need a Doctor anymore. as now you can Heal Yourself…

It is again time to show everyone how to be a Healer using  “Tibetan Transmission Principles” only taught to him and a select few by his “Teacher” a High Lama of Tibet . We are of the Primitive Bon Po Sect of Tibet, and Wu Dang Sect of China.

Master Toledo   832.545.4084


Testimonial:   “Violet Flame”

I passed violet flame to my sister and nieces. My sister has acrophobia, and claustrophobia. She is a “hoarder”. In ensuing year, she took a private flying lesson. She climbed up on a very high bridge span. She threw out a large dumpster of stuff. My nieces, in their 30’s, were both a little plump and totally un-athletic. They now run 3 miles, 3 or more times per week and work out at the gym.


Lastly, several years ago, my father, (living in Oakland, California) then in his late 80’s fractured his hip. He would not eat and could not be discharged from the hospital. I passed Violet Flame thru his hip… My brother told me later, that I was vibrating thru to him as he held dad’s hand on the other side of the bed. My dad ate the next day, and was sent home. When dad was about 91, he was completely bedridden. He had to be helped out of bed and in and out of his wheel chair. During supper, I quietly passed Violet Flame into his back, between his shoulder blades. My brother called the next day and said: “brother, you are the family Shaman. Dad was found, the day after you left, IN ANOTHER APARTMENT, TAKING A SHOWER”. I remind you, here, that my Dad COULD NOT get out of bed by himself.         Larry Kelly

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