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Centerpoint Holistic Integrative Clinic

Unlike any healing event you have attended!! Centerpoint brings it to Houston first–a collection of healers and practitioners to help create a more integrated body, mind and spirit! We will be offering this wellness clinic twice per month, usually the 2nd and 4th Saturdays, for a flat fee of $60..

Pay one flat fee ($60) and see the practitioners you feel you need to get a new unified physical, mental, emotional and spiritual Self. Listed below are some of the participating Matrix team healers.  Due to rotation schedule, not everyone will be available every clinic,

—> Susan Kinney is a practicing Licensed Massage Therapist who’s held an accomplished massage career in Chicago. The 15 year profession as an LMT led her to work in both chiropractic/physical therapy clinical settings; and holistic wellness centers. She will be offering reflexology and massage.

—> Duncan O’Finioan and Susan Kinney – PTM™  offers energetic clearing, balancing and reset.  Cuts old cords, reconnects left and right brain, clears past traumas, both physical and spiritual.

—> James MacPherson – Trigger Point Foot Massage, this is an all-over workout just using the key points on your feet to stimulate, detox and rejuvenate the whole body, mind and spirit.

—-> Lillie Ruby – Crystal Healing and Messages from the Other Side

—> Robin Beadle – balances and clears, energizes Chakras and gives Divine Light, messages from Animal Spirits

—> Helen Shaner – Psychic Medium and Healer, brings her knowledge and skill of ancient techniques of enegy healing to our special Saturday event. Many know Helen as a very intuitive reader, but for this Saturday event, she is bringing healing to you.






2 thoughts on “Centerpoint Holistic Integrative Clinic

  1. Hello !! Wishing you well. I would like to know if I need to make a reservation to attend on Sunday ?
    Thank you for your respond… Valeria

    1. Hi Valeria,
      I am so glad to have met you, and look forward to seeing you again soon!
      Bright Blessings,

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