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Grand Arkangel Chamber

It is time to actively participate in the Great Experiment, which is the spontaneous emergence of the “luminous child” : the rise of mankind’s innate ability to interact with the living LIGHT of Mother Earth,  removing all fear and manipulation from the realm of mankind.  It is time that you realize the Universes are making you aware that you are connected to everything, and within this lies  the Divine Love, Compassion and Forgiveness which is the true Destiny of Mankind. You have been called upon to awaken and take this next quantum step in the Great Experiment.


In the fall of 2006 a massive blue light transmission, containing holographic libraries of knowledge, was transmitted to Earth. This information was received by Rick Ferguson and became the foundation for the creation of the Arkangel Project. The information received in 2006 guided him to construct the Grand Arkangel Chamber. It is a temple/time machine/portal-vortex/healing focus in time and space which uses Sacred Geometry, Sound, Color and Light to manifest instantaneous personal healings and revelations. Time as we know it stops in the “Temple” &  you are re-united with the Infinite… perfect balance, harmony and oneness. By following the patterns and laws of the Universe we are now able to reconnect the complete light body of each person, allowing them to move the next level of their evolution. This is the Grand Arkangel Chamber. Are you ready? 

What will happen?

  • Discover your True Self    
  • Reset your consciousness           
  • Experience space/time travel    
  • Reconnect with peace and harmony                                  
  • Pierce veils of illusion                  
  • Release forgetfullness
  • Connect to Universal Subconscious
  • Clean/ your energy field            
  • Experience  Divine Love 
  • Communicate with “other side”
  • Experience Divine Compassion  
  • Release Stress
  • Experience connection to everything
  • Instantaneous Healing            
  • Experience “Going Home”
  • Simulate “rest & digest” parasympathetic nervous system to accelerate healing

                                SESSIONS ARE AVAILABLE:

20 min: $40 30min: $60 40min: $80 50min: $100 60min: $120

Aura photos also available during your session and can be emailed to you for an extra charge ($15) You receive all photos (at least 10)

We will endeavor to take care of all who come, time permitting.

6 thoughts on “Grand Arkangel Chamber

  1. Can a schedule a session with you ? I’m new to this , just never reAched but have studied and enjoyed feeling connected, I would like to learn more, and heal any info will help , I would like a 50 min session . Or Whatever you may have available?

    1. Thanks for contacting us. I hope you were able to get new connection with the Grand Arkangel Chamber.

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