Metaphysical Matrix

Learn Magic Visualization to Manifest Your Dreams! with Master Toledo

Come and have fun in this class presented by Master Toledo!

4 Gold Medals for Germany in the 1980’s Summer Olympics. Then 4 years later over 30 Gold Medals, with the same people in the same events.

The Coach told the Press it was because of Visualization. A Hypnotist put them under to Theta Wave Brain frequency and for 1/2 hour before practice, each person practiced in their Mind the precise action of what they wanted to happen.
You too can Win the Gold Medal of your Dreams! Master Toledo will show you how to put yourself into Theta Wave Brain Frequency and the Process of Visualization. Whatever you want to happen in Life, even to win a Drawing by Luck “Will happen”.
Come join the fun and Create Your Dreams to come True using Thought

This class is $44 per person.

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