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Energetic Shielding Part 2 Workshop With Duncan O’Finioan and Susan Kinney

Duncan and Susan understand that expanding an individual’s awareness and utilization of energy is self empowering; and encourages people to gain the knowledge and techniques for an improved quality of life.  In this workshop you will learn how to identify your energy, how to draw energy from the earth and sky to boost your shield, and how to create an energetic shield that will protect you from negative energies all around, and allow you to utilize your natural energies for healing.

Duncan has grown into an esoteric “Master of all Trades” when inquiring about his work and services. His experiences and expertise include: layman exorcist with both house clearings and individual possessions, removal of attachments, ridding curses, energy boosts, and rebalancing energetic fields within the body. Besides working with law enforcement, individuals, and businesses, O’Finioan has held group workshops throughout the country encouraging people to work with energy and protect themselves.

Susan Kinney is a practicing Licensed Massage Therapist who’s held an accomplished massage career in Chicago. The 15 year profession as an LMT led her to work in both chiropractic/physical therapy clinical settings; and holistic wellness centers. Susan is well aware that the body is more than just mechanical. For this reason she has incorporated multiple forms of energy work as part of her practice. Susan had not witnessed the enormous impact energy and magick had within the various facets of life, until she began her work with Duncan. Through O’Finioan’s guidance, Susan has discovered the “missing link” that progressed her bodywork practice to the next level; benefiting both her and her clients.

O’Finioan has also utilized various cultural disciplines, knowledge, and techniques to enhance his craft. Celtic, Norse, Asian, and Native American are to name a few. Over the years Duncan has developed an eclectic style of the esoteric arts, energy work, and world view which has appealed to multiple alternative media formats including the following: “Shoot from the Hip with Duncan O’Finioan” on the CCN Network, “Off Planet Radio with Randy Maugans”, Project Camelot’s first“Awake and Aware L.A. Conference” , Project Camelot’s 2nd “Awake and Aware L.A. Conference”, Jesse Ventura’s “Conspiracy Theory” on True T.V., and has an appearance in “PACKING FOR MARS” documentary film.

$30 per person (18yrs and under $20)

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