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Realms of Spirit: Locating the Astral and Akashic with Karl Fleddermann

COST: $20     Scholarships are Available

If you want to know where you project to when you Astral project and Where the Akashic records are located, come to this workshop.

We all exist on many levels of consciousness and you will know these levels only from your own experiences. The intent of this workshop is to give you a reference point ehen you have these experiences to be able to identify each level of Spirit and Know the kinds of experiences/energies that come from these levels. ultimately, so you may gain more awareness of yourself as a Soul.


Life Path Readings & Consciousness Counseling Sessions

Available Friday, Saturday & Sunday

Please Call For an Appointment

Please contact:  Karl, 512.568.0990 or

Location: Centerpoint:  2727 Fondren Rd Suite 5M, Houston, TX 77354 713.932.7224

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