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Shadow Forces That Can Derail Your Ascension Progress



Have you ever found yourself quickly and suddenly engulfed by a powerful wave of negative thoughts and emotions and the pain and confusion they cause? The kinds of thoughts and feelings that go well beyond your typical, day-to-day range of experiences?


Do you ever become so submerged in them that you feel disconnected from inner self/soul or the divine spark of life itself when you’re experiencing them — and sometimes, for a period of time afterwards?


You feel yourself withdrawing from happiness, fulfillment, pleasure and love. You feel your receptiveness to divine abundance narrowing or completely shutting down.


At the pinnacle of these painful experiences, you sometimes feel as if they will never end because what you’re doing to help alleviate and move through and beyond them is having little, if any effect. Even after the pain has abated, you don’t feel a true sense of relief because you’re confused about what happened to you.


Other times, your experience isn’t quite as intense or long lasting. Perhaps you react to a minor disappointment or frustration in a way that is completely disproportionate to the situation at hand — and completely out of character for you.


You probably feel a little strange and somewhat unsettled immediately afterwards, as well as ashamed and remorseful when your out-of-character “outburst” was directed at another person or persons. Or, you often find yourself on the receiving end of painful, out-of-character outbursts from those you have personal or professional relationships with.


Most awaken to the great light of Infinite Source and continue their awakening progress through suffering. Because you are on a conscious journey of ascension, you have likely experienced this multiple times in multiple ways.

You’ve likely also learned to observe and be “present” during your experiences. But when you undergo these particular types of experiences repeatedly — even if they are sporadic and infrequent — you feel discouraged and a bit uneasy because they make no sense to you.


You meditate or perhaps visualize yourself being receptive to happiness, love and fulfillment in hopes of preventing similar (or worse) future experiences. But no amount of meditation, visualization, good intentions, prayer, logical thought or reasoning will eliminate these painful experiences from your life when those “antidotes” are applied without knowledge (or acceptance) of the underlying causes of those events.


Attributing the source and cause of these disturbing occurrences to things other than what they really are — either through lack of awareness or denial — keeps you trapped in duality consciousness.


So, what really is going on when you have these types of experiences? Why do they occur and why are they happening to you?


How can you prevent them or minimize their [negative] effects in ways that advance rather than sabotage your soul’s progress when they do occur? Why do most New Age teachings downplay or completely exclude this crucial awakening / ascension journey knowledge?


These and other vital questions will be addressed in this important two-hour class. There will also be a Q&A session afterward.




▪ A fundamental objective truth of existence and why/how your lack of awareness, reluctance to accept or intentional ignoring of its meaning and ramifications severely hinders your ascension progress

▪ How this truth plays out at both the macrocosmic and microcosmic levels of our reality and why your knowledge of it is central to the ascension process

▪ How to quickly detect and stop extremely negative thoughts and emotions in their tracks before you are “consumed” by them  

▪ How to use the suffering induced by your painful experiences to purify and transmute the unhealed aspects of your soul and consciousness

▪ A comprehensive holistic approach to the ascension process that enables deep, complete soul-level healing and how to apply it in your daily life situations




▪ Vanquish unnecessary suffering from your life

▪ Develop keener ‘truth or lie?’ / ‘me or other?’ discernment skills that foster greater self-trust and self-confidence when addressing difficult relationships and interactions with others, work situations and life circumstances

▪ Access increasingly higher levels of knowledge about yourself and our reality that accelerate your ascension progress

▪ Begin consistently choosing wiser responses when you’re in “the heat of the moment,” rather than getting caught up in knee-jerk, exaggerated, destructive reactions to life’s minor (and major) challenges

▪ Make relationship, career or business, financial and other key life decisions that are more closely-aligned with soul’s purpose and enable you to lead a happier, more rewarding life


You deserve to receive the highest-possible return from your ascension efforts. If you’re truly committed to progressing on your awakening / ascension journey and ready to move beyond the pain of disempowering spiritual breakdowns into the joy and fulfillment of self-empowered spiritual breakthroughs, this eye-opening class is for you.


Please arrive a few minutes early so that you’re comfortably settled in when the class begins. A lot of ground will be covered so be sure to bring a pen and notepad!


$40 per person*




*Limited to 25 participants. Walk-ins are welcomed if seats are available.


Mary Anne provides spiritual-awakening and self-mastery support services. Former careers in business, career and life coaching, 22 years of direct experience, intensive research and self-work on her own awakening/ascension/self-mastery journey, and her empathic-intuitive abilities afford clients personally-tailored guidance and tools that get results. Contact Mary Anne at:

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