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Vibrational Healing Master Classes with Rick Ferguson

This is a series of 3 “stand alone” classes about the dynamics of healing frequencies.  This can be done by touch, spoken word and written word/mantra/numbers.

It’s ALL ABOUT FREQUENCY and its application to MIND OVER MATTER.  You learn how to work on yourself as well as others to maintain a healthy vibrant energy body (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual)….  Depending on the class size you will have an opportunity to work alone and/or in small groups to help gain confidence.  You will be shown how to do a technique then you will do it over and over again.  It’s practice, practice, practice… If you have been waiting for a class where you are practicing what you are taught in class, these are the classes for you.

All of these techniques that I have been using for about 30 years are tried, tested and guaranteed to work.  Each area requires learning some basic skill.

Class 1 April 1st :

Part 1-Clacking  Clacking is a technique whereby you locate blockages of energy frequencies in the body and release them by “clacking” with a small wooden stick & mallet. The body then returns to its healthful state of energy balance. You will be taught all the skills you need to perform “clacking” either on yourself or others.  Clacking is beneficial in:

  • releasing pain and stress
  • aligning the Chakras
  • cellular memory release
  • stimulating the immune system
  • realign energies in your back

Part 2: Paper Healing   Based on The Paper Doctor, a book that was banned and burned in 1994 -learn how to create formulas/equations/remedies for different energy imbalances in the body. I will be discussing and demonstrating many techniques from Malcolm Rae, Don Gerard and T.Galen Hieronymous and how they used magnetic patterns for balancing the body. You will leave loaded with inspiration and ideas to apply to situations in everyday life:

  • Aches
  • Addictive Habits
  • Energy Boost
  • Environmental Sensitivity
  • Inner Strength
  • Lifted Spirits
  • Pain
  • Panic Attacks
  • Regularize Irregular Lifestyle,
  • Sleeplessness
  • Stimulating Healing Response
  • Traumatic Events
  • Worrying,and much more!
CLASS 2: Apr.22
NUMERONICS  Numeronics is a system which uses numbers to create frequencies that either build up or break down energy patterns on physical emotional,mental and spiritual levels.These frequencies create a vibration that causes an existing energy pattern to change into this new vibration. In physics this is referred to as sympathetic vibration. When these patterns change their harmonic structure, their identity changes and they become transformed. Quite literally, Numeronics is a system of moving frequencies, or harmonics in motion. Numeronics can be applied to:  Healing, Psychic Protection, Attracting Money, Helping others, Balancing Chakras, Affirmations, and much more! It’s only limited by your imagination….
CLASS 3: April 29
Learn how to use a psychotronic/radionic tuner. Learn how to compose and broadcast specific frequencies to regain peace and harmony in your body. Clear lists of emotional blockages with one single frequency. Repair holes and tears in your auric bodies. Remove, permanently, implants responsible for misdirecting you and greating ill health to you, physicially,emotionally,mentally,spiritually.
Time permitting, there will be group attunement to an aspect of Cosmic Christ Consciousness using a specific psychotronic/radionic protocol.
Materials: Ratebooks and reference materials will be provided for use and purchase in this class. You may never find a class where ALL these materials are available in one place.
CLASS TUITION: $50 per class
If all 3 classes are attended:  $120
(must be paid in full before  APRIL 1 class time)

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    1. Stargazer is another Vibrational Class coming up on the last Saturday of this month. I hope you can put that in your schedule. Call 713-932-7224 if you have any other questions!

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