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Barbara Silberg

Phone 713-665-4763

Barbara Silberg, Handwriting Analyst

Over 40 years experience

Handwriting is brain writing and can be read as accurately as body language, if you know what to look for. Used with other measures,graphology (handwriting analysis) can be useful–along with other diagnostic tools–in diagnosing health and mental health conditions. And it can be used to mindfully change bad habits and characteristics you want to improve. Plus, it can tell you things you (and your friends) do not know, so it can be vastly entertaining.

Available for Classes / Workshops and One-on-One Readings, Entertainment for parties, weddings, etc. (She’ll make you laugh.)

Find out about your date /fiancé’s (or your boss’s, neighbor’s, or contractor’s)honesty and character.

Learn self-knowledge for self-Improvement.  Learn to amaze your friends and coworkers with information they didn’t know shows with every flick of their pen.

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