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Johnny Barnett

About Johnny Barnett

I began my journey into astrology and other esoteric studies in earnest in the summer of 1992 as I prepared to face the looming prospect of single-parenthood. The astrological reading I received at that time helped me gain confidence, understanding and comfort as I entered into a new and daunting phase of life. Astrology opened up to me the world of Symbology – the great myths, stories, legends and tales that use larger-than-life characters experiencing fantastic ordeals in order to show us Truth. Not “the truth”, rather great “Truths” about people and life that each of us recognize when we hear it or see it in action – regardless of who is telling the story and whether the characters are fictional or not. Thus we learn that great heroes can reside in our neighbors, friends and ourselves as well as in the great stories and legends.

Chakraology came about as I began to notice the prevalence of the number 7 in so many of our common experiences and esoteric fields – 7 Chakras, 7 white notes on the piano for each octave, 7 octaves on the piano, 7 levels in the Tree of Life, 7 days of the week – named for the 7 planets of ancient astrology, 7 seals in the Book of Revelation and so on. Tying each of the 7 planets to a specific Chakra was the “ah ha!” moment for me and my life. My astrology readings and my self-awareness all underwent a profound shift as I began to see the order and the beauty that underlies the world.

It is with great pleasure and a profound sense of fulfillment that I share these insights with my brothers and sisters across the planet!

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