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Rose DeLos Angeles

I am Rose DeLos Angeles, Psychic Healer, Medium, Clear Channel, Intuitive & Empath. I am a spiritual teacher who primarily works with Angels & energy of roses in all of my work. Angel guidence for any situation. I can hear & see all Angels & beings. I also work with Ascended Masters & Fairy Kingdom. I have lived several thousand past lives and am able to access esoteric information, help eliminate current lifetime issues that have roots from a previous lifetime and this lifetime. I also a Reiki Healer & work with Flower Essence therapy & Crystal Therapy. I use rose healing, reiki , flower essences, and crystals, medium/clear channels and angel card readings & divination card readings for: -Specialized healing for your physical body -Relaxing, healing your mind to allow you to clear undesirable habits and patterns -Answers to your questions about romance, money, work and family -Connecting with those who have past and are in other dimensions -Helping you create abundance in your life -Clear and revitalize your energy centers so you can manifest happiness beginning today I invite you to come, connect and “Ease your soul” with Soul of a Rose with Rose Healing. Clear and revitalize your energy centers creating abundance in your life, manifesting happiness beginning today.

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