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Spring Forward. What does it mean: “You are not a table.”?

New Growth.. Resurrection?

In Springtime formerly barren, leafless tress begin budding.. The vernal equinox is March 21st this year. Before the month’s end millions will celebrate Easter, followed in less than another month with Passover & Unleavened Bread.. It is a time of New Beginnings.

So what does a spiritual teacher’s showing up alive after being publicly killed – demonstrating that physical death is not the end of everything – have to do with not being a table? Glad you asked.

Funny thing about Spring – it shows up every year – without fail. Always.. even after rough winters, long winters, mild winters. Could this be Nature’s way of reminding us that – no matter what else happens – we’re going to get through this? Could that be possible?

Whether you believe in a resurrection from the dead or not, you can’t help but notice that Life Goes On. Spring is evidence for even the most obstinate atheist that LIFE GOES ON.

One statement from Abraham-Hicks explains it: You are not a table. One reason people don’t like the idea of dying is they don’t understand what the process is. It is not “all over”. Many of us have some vague idea.. if we do good works, are nice to people, get saved, etc. we get to go to where we’ll have it easy – sit on a cloud and play a harp…


spring growthThe truth is WAY better. To make a table, we get some wood, fashion it into legs and a top, fit and secure all of the pieces together, sand it down, apply stain and varnish, etc. and – after a certain amount of time and effort, we are done. Not so with you and me, my friend. We are not getting finished.

WHAT? You mean this whole lifetime of learning, improving, forgiving.. all this pain and suffering and so-called life lessons are not enough? We don’t get to end and we don’t get a break?

I didn’t say that. The point is that – believe it or not – even after we live an entire lifetime, we still want to grow. There is within consciousness this desire to improve, get more, do more, be more. It is what we ARE, my sentient sibling.

Solomon told us, “The eye is not satisfied with seeing, nor the ear with hearing.” Even if drugged into tranquility with anti-depressants, et al, we yearn for more. We are Growth-Seeking Beings. And no.. it doesn’t stop with death.

In our work we access Grace. We tell folks that if and as they are willing, they can get better. Are we saying it depends on the individual how much love they can experience? That Grace, while totally free, can be inhibited by our resistance to it? Absolutely! So then, what shall we do?

II Peter 3:18 tells believers to “..grow in grace and in the knowledge of Jesus Christ.” What that means is: Grace and Knowledge are not limited.

So Spring Forward. If not Knowing, at least being exposed to these two ideas:

  1. You will not cease to exist when you leave your body. And
  2. We are here to Grow (and it can be FUN!). Truth be told – no matter your past experience – regardless of what you have believed up until now, we can absolutely thrive, we really can.

Enjoy this Spring – it looks like its shaping up to be Your Best Ever


George is a regular participant at CenterPoint Sundays and offers Transforming Sessions in Houston and Galveston. For more information about the work or to set an appointment, See

Back to the Garden, pt. 2

“Why didn’t you list that among our assets in the first place? What I wouldn’t give for a holocaust cloak.”
– Westley, The Princess Bride

We left the last article (available here) with a brief reference to Saturn and the root chakra. Here, we’ll look at the other planets and chakras and see how they relate. Like Westley in The Princess Bride, we should understand our assets and our liabilities before we embark on our task, which in our case is a journey back to the garden, back to the source.

There have been two major streams of astrological knowledge that have survived the ages. The Indian system commonly known as Vedic astrology and the Western astrology that sprang from Hellenized Egypt. Both share substantial common philosophies, including a vision of how the human Spirit incarnates into the body.

Prior to incarnation, we are said to exist in a relatively undifferentiated state. In a holographic/fractal fashion, we fall from Grace during each incarnation, re-enacting on an individual scale what the entire human race experienced during the grand Fall from Grace that is reflected in the Bible stories and the Sumerian texts.

During this “fall” – let’s call it a descent – our perfected Being fragments, or gets filtered, as it  leaves the rareified Spirit worlds and enters into the greater density of the astral worlds, not unlike laser light reflected through a prism. The dominant forces of the astral worlds are called the planetary forces. They govern the planetary motions and are responsible for all of the dynamics that get played out in in the denser worlds. They are archetypal forces.

If we take the chakras in order starting from the bottom – root, sacral, will, heart, throat, eye, crown – and overlap the planets in order from the slowest to the fastest, as seen from the Earth – Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Venus, Mercury, Sun, Moon – we find some very interesting correspondences.

chakra planetsSaturn, as described in the previous article, governs boundaries and structure like our skin and bones. It is what initiates our incarnation process, providing the framework and differentiation from the formless space we left behind. It is our reference point in the material world and what we protect in our quest for survival in the material world. It rules the root chakra.

Jupiter rules the sacral chakra. The second chakra is traditionally known as related to sexuality and passionate emotions. Left unchecked, sexuality and passionate emotions produce children and future generations. Jupiter rules fertility and expansion/growth/abundance.

Mars governs the third chakra. We all know that we can frequently, intuitively sense danger as a feeling in our gut, the location of the chakra. Mars is in charge of protection. It is the force that fights. It is common in all of the martial arts (Mars arts) to try to find and fight from your center in the belly – called the hara, or the dan tien ‑ which is recognized as the center of power.

With Venus as the Roman goddess of Love and Beauty, no additional explanation should be required to reveal the appropriateness of her connection to the heart chakra. Likewise with Mercury being the planetary archetype ruling all communications, what chakra could be more appropriate than the throat chakra? None.

The upper chakras and their planets play out a bit differently. The Indian rishis/seers recognized a certain primacy of the crown chakra, which belongs only to the Divine, not to be influenced by forces in the astral spheres. Further, leaving both the Sun and the Moon with the ajna/third eye chakra aligns perfectly with the ida and pingala correspondences.


The ida and pingala are two channels where  prana or qi/life force flows, running alongside the spine. The sushumna is the channel running along the center, with the spine. These three channels correspond to the central pole and snakes of the caduceus, the classic Western symbol of knowledge and science/medicine. The rishis see the Moon governing the ida and the Sun governing the pingala, which meet at, and govern, the third eye center, illuminating balanced vision when awakened properly.

When we properly awaken our planetary forces – when we are secure in our personal structure/boundaries, striving for abundance, with focused power, Love and Beauty, integrated with others through communication and balanced vision – we have gathered our assets. Now, about that holocaust cloak…

Kevin Leonard, L.Ac. is a licensed healthcare provider with the Texas Medical Board. He is available for walk­-in appointments most Sundays at Centerpoint, and available on Thursdays and Fridays by appointment. Call for other availability. 832­-477­-7887

ENERGY: The good, and the bad.

good evilThe question has been asked over and over, can energy be dark.

Easy answer is yes, it can. The question to be asked is, “How does it become that way?”

I will try and explain. Energy in its pure form is neutral; neither good nor bad. The energy from the sun gives life to the planet and all living things. Nothing bad there right? However as in the case of the ancient Greeks, the energy from the sun was used for great destruction. Remember they used huge mirrors to focus sun rays to burn advancing ships.

The same principal applies to energy workers/practitioners. We all pull in our energy from the same source. We all drink from the same well. What our “intentions” are, what we use this energy for, is what makes the difference.

A person, who is “dark”, will pull in neutral energy, same as a person who is “light”. When the energy leaves the person who is dark, it will carry energetic signatures or qualities (representing that dark practitioner). It is “tainted”, carrying those signatures. Energy has the ability to become layered in the environment over time. If we are to believe, whether in a micro to macro scale, the notion of this universe operating on a feedback system, then we can observe how this “dark” energy can affect its environment (us included).

That energy does NOT have to remain dark however. It can be made neutral or light again. It can be “cleaned” while rebalancing itself back into the environment. It must be re-mixed with the light. As an example, a gallon of dirty water poured into five gallons of clean water, will make the dirty clean again.The same rules apply with energy.

We can feel/witness this principle expressing itself over land, houses, etc. They can become dark with the use of dark energy, but when enough light energy is put in its place it becomes diffused.

When working with energy, ALWAYS, keep your hearts, your actions, and intentions toward good will and pure of cause!!

Duncan O’Finioan and Susan Kinney

Manifestation 101


Manifestation. We’ve read the books, practiced being positive and extensively visualized out outcomes. So why have we not achieved what we desire?

There can be several reasons. We may have manifested incorrectly. We might have aborted our own good. Or we may not have waited for the timing to be correct for the manifestation to occur. These, and several other reasons, are why we can’t seem to get what we want.

Pile of money

First and foremost, we cannot manifest methods. But, you say, everything is energy, and you are correct. However, many individuals find that manifesting money is extremely difficult. Why? We need to ask ourselves, “What is the end result?” If all you want is a pile of money, go for it. But money is usually the method by which you achieve (buy) other things (other energy). By working to manifest the money to do or buy something, we are putting restrictions on the Universe. We are telling It that the way we want to achieve this particular goal (for example, a new car) is via this method (money). That precludes all the other methods that the Universe can furnish us with our desire (a new car). It means we can’t win one, be given one or be fortunate enough to have one presented to us via another method.

I have found, from personal experience, that restricting the Universe in its vastness, only makes it much more difficult for me to receive what I desire. If I put no boundaries on how the desired item comes in, I leave it up to the Universe to give it to me in the fastest, most efficient manner possible.

This doesn’t mean that we can’t or shouldn’t be specific with our goals. What it does mean is that once we have a particular desire, we should allow the Universe to work its magic! We just need to get out of the way!

One of the main reasons why we abort the process of manifestation is that we are in a hurry. In our lives and culture, we want instant gratification, if not sooner! Timeframes are good to when you request the manifestation, but you need to be flexible and wait for everything to come to fruition. The Universe’s timing is perfect. Ours isn’t. We need to relax and LET GO. Instead of worrying if this is going to be done, if that won’t happen, we need to stand in secure knowledge of the outcome. This is one of the most difficult pieces of the process to manage.

Due to our being human (and who isn’t), we tend to replay prior scenarios in our minds. We focus on what didn’t happen, what is the lack, as opposed to knowing that our request has been heard and the Universe is working on it. When we can trust that we will have what we desire, we can allow the energy for the manifestation to flow and swirl around us. Then the miracles occur!

Trust in the Universe is one of the keys to the manifestation process. If you can’t or won’t trust the Universe, you’re going to have a difficult time with your manifestations. But, you say, I trust the Universe. Do you? Can you stand in the middle of a storm of emotion and Know, not in your head but in your being, in your soul, that the Universe will provide you with all you desire and more? Too many times, we say we trust, but we do it from our mind and not our soul level. Once you trust from a soul level, the rest becomes merely a process to follow.

Trusting the Universe is hard, especially when we see things going on around us that seem to indicate that our world is upside down and nothing is going as we’d like. It is during these times that we need to trust the Universe more than ever. If you can stand strong during these trying periods, you will see your dreams and desires manifest in remarkable and miraculous ways!

Back to the Garden, pt 1

All of the major cultures of antiquity shared one thing in common. The Greeks, the Egyptians, the Sumerians, the Chinese, the Indians, the Persians – all of them – gazed to the stars to seek to understand their place in the world. The allure is understandable. Who does not intuitively grasp that the answers to the mysteries are reflected between the Heavens and ourselves?

The Chinese mystics – the early Taoists – paralleled the Hermetic maxim of “As above, so below” in their own teachings. They viewed the world as a holographic construct – just as many modern philosophers – even though they used different language. They considered the Heavens to be the Macrocosm, or the Greater Heaven, and they considered the human to be the  Microcosm, or Smaller Heaven. What was in the heavens was reflected in body. One was an image of the other. This imaging system goes deeper, as revealed in systems like reflexology or auricular acupuncture where the entire human body is shown as a map of the sole of the foot or the surface of the ear.

Taoist creation philosophy says, “The One becomes Two [yin & yang]; the Two become Three [balance/connection]; and the Three becomes the Myriad of All Things.” Every substance of the earth is a both a product of and a reflection back to the source of all. This idea is found in near identical form during the time of Hellenized Egypt, from where the Hermetic writings – the Corpus Hermeticum – containing the core of what is called magic or occult knowledge in the Western world, and also containing the seeds of modern science as developed through Alchemy.

chakra planetsThe Hermetic principle says that, during incarnation, the undifferentiated human Spirit steps down through the “planetary spheres” of 5 planets and 2 luminaries (Sun and Moon) and becomes individualized. The Taoist recognize the 5 planets as the 5 Elements. The 5 planets move through the 12 astrological houses in the sky every day. Likewise, the 5 elements move through the 12 acupuncture channels in the body every day. The Sun and Moon are mirrored in the Chinese Medicine/ Taoist concept of vitality and essence, qi and jing.

Hindu and Vedic cultures, especially through yogic spiritual practices and Ayurveda, also viewed the body as a mirror of the heavens, with the heavens leaving its imprints in the human energy system. Chakra correspondence systems map the planets to each of the chakras, essentially creating a planetary rulership over each chakra.

Saturn, for instance, is said to rule the root chakra – the muladhara chakra. This makes perfect sense, knowing that Saturn is the first of the planetary spheres the human Spirit encounters during the incarnation process. It is here that we take on our first level of physicality – what becomes our skin and bones –  our boundaries with the world and the structure with which we navigate the same world; survival parameters, in other words. If you know chakra correspondences, you know that Ganesha, Hindu deity of new beginnings, rules the chakra, which is often called the survival chakra.

All of these cultures, across the globe and across time, agree that the sky map overlays the body map. The map is large and diverse and the implications are enormous for health and for the integration of the mind/body/spirit complex. It is this integration which is at the center of true healing. One simply cannot get more holistic than viewing the body as a map of the entirety of the cosmos.

The Whole Body Astrology approach is toward holism. Mind, body, Spirit and emotions do not exist separate from each other. It is against holism and health (they share same root word) to view the body any other way. Whole Body Astrology treatments work on the acupuncture meridian system and the chakra system with sound, qi, essential oils and dressing oils, and herbs – all in the context of the client’s astrological birth chart.

Kevin Leonard, L.Ac. is a licensed healthcare provider with the Texas Medical Board. He is available for walk-in appointments most Sundays at Centerpoint, and available on Thursdays and Fridays by appointment. Call for other availability. 832-477-7887

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