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GrendlI have spent over 20 years reading and interpreting the Tarot cards to answer questions about romance and love, work and career, and general life path choices for men and women all over the planet.  I have been working towards creating my own site, and have manifested my business, Metaphysical Matrix and Centerpoint Body Mind and Spirit, so I can continue to do the work I love– helping others find new perspectives towards their life, and the motivation to forge their personal destinies.  When I am able to open someone’s eyes to a new, better reality, I am also fulfilled in my destiny.  I do my best to offer encouragement towards following one’s dreams, compassion in times of great stress and, hopefully, a clearer understanding of the power each of us has to make our lives happy and fulfilling.  I have been fortunate in my gift of accuracy, especially in being able to determine the timing of significant events that people inquire upon.

Over the years, I have intensely studied the cards, their history, and the thousands of interpretations that have been applied to them.  I have been able to strengthen my interpretation of the Tarot cards with the knowledge of:  astrology, Elements, numerology, Egyptian writings, Kabalah, Hebraic Texts, chakra energy, Spiritual Guides, and shamanism.  In addition, I have a library of ancient and modern spiritual books, modern philosophical texts, and contemporary psychological references.   I have meditated on the Tarot, using their teachings as a guide for my own life path and the cards have aided me in creating transformative rituals and magical works of art. The archetypes of the Tarot are mysterious, pulling long lost wisdom from the intuitive depths, and illuminating our deepest desires and hidden fears.  Carl Jung understood the cards from that psychological aspect, and his writings on the subject of Tarot and using those for psychotherapy have added layers to the effectiveness of my interpretations and readings for others.

Many come to me with very simple questions, and I am able to get them the simple answers they are seeking.  However, most times the solutions are more complicated, and I feel I have to stretch the Inquirer, so that they can see how their expectations may lead to disappointments.  Obviously, the answers are not always what is expected by one who is inquiring, and it can be a challenge to help that person see that, though the answer is not what was expected, it is the right answer.  I have had some leave a session angry, but interestingly, in response to the timing of an event I read from their cards, they have come back to me, claiming that I was accurate, even though it was not the way they wanted things to go.  The spiritual and intuitive path I follow also influences my readings, intuitively drawing out the spiritual tasks that an Inquirer may not be aware of but are tasks necessary for them to complete before they can attain their desires.

My method of interpretation demands that the Inquirer be attentive to each card and its definition in their reading, and to the information I am trying to convey so that they understand their answer on material and spiritual levels.  I approach each question openly, and in a non-judgmental way, and offer solutions in the same manner.

Life is a journey, and time changes the roads on which we all travel.  I believe that Tarot card readings can help us map out our path to attain our goals, to navigate the crossroads and obstacles that we all come upon, and give us clear signs that will point us in the direction of our true destiny.

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