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Every Sunday Psychic Fair and Healing Expo

Join us every Sunday, and be welcomed at Houston’s longest running weekly Healing and Psychic Expo, featured in the Houston Chronicle and other local news. For over 30 years, Centerpoint has offered quality alternative wellness practitioners, Reiki energy, and reflexology, as well as spiritual advisors, psychic mediums and readers, all providing new insights and clear answers to questions about relationships, career, family and spiritual matters. And we are celebrating our new location at 7143 Southwest Freeway, Houston TX 77074.

Let our excellent healing practitioners work with you for a healthier, and happier future.
Many modalities are offered to help with Chakra balancing and Lightwork to reconnect Body Mind and Spirit!

Get insightful, positive advice and learn how to handle big changes as this year ends and we prepare for the New Year. Our psychic readers on Sundays include many of Houston’s most talented readers and advisors. Prices vary, but most sessions start at $25 for 20 minutes, some are $40/30 minutes.

You will also find handcrafted metaphysical supplies, crystals, jewelry by Catalina Natural Stones, and magical herbal remedies for gift-giving or just to move your Spirit! Special hand-crafted gem elixirs and oils, as well as herbal tinctures, salves and herbal healing products, like the Booboo Butter and Florida Water, made on site by Dandelion Apothecary

As always, the snack table has the amazing GuacaMojo, that tasty avocado dip freshly prepared as well as a cornucopia of healthy snacks and drinks. Kid friendly, all ages welcome. See you Sunday!

8 thoughts on “Every Sunday Psychic Fair and Healing Expo

  1. I am seeking a like group to become involved with to further my interest in improving my energy and my interest in all aspects of becoming The best person I can be…I am absolutely drawn to your group it’s almost choking me!

    1. Thank you so much for your interest! Please do come out and visit us on our Sundays, or check to see what classes might spark your inner flame 🙂 Many Blessings to you!

    1. Where can we see your website? We are interested in building a community of metaphysics, and could be interested in cross pollination, 🙂

  2. My boyfriend and I are new to the area and are desperately searching for a community like this! Are the sundays free? What time should we come on a Sunday?

    1. You are invited to join us any Sunday during the Psychic Fair and Holistic expo. No charge to come in and see what’s going on, and great snacks too!

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