Metaphysical Matrix

Master Toledo’s Private Teachings

Tibetan Master Toledo Accepts Students for “Inner Self” Healing

                 and “ Enlightenment: ( Attain Inner Peace ) ”

                              We Teach the Truth


He will give you the Greater Opening and teach the Full Spectrum of the Ancient “Primitive Bon Po” Sect of Tibet that predates 30,272 BC.You will become a “Shaman Healer” capable of “Distant Healing” for Pets and People.Pet Telepathy and your Psychic Potential will be part of our training.Dr. Richard Ireland trained Master Toledo in the Psychic  when he Retired from the CIA Psychic Division.


You will learn the Principles and Ancient Secrets of our “Primitive Bon Po” Sect of Tibet.We will also teach the “Art of Qigong” that is “Internal Kung Fu” Meditations to increase your Energy Field for Health and Enlightenment.The Tao and Concept of Yin/Yang will be part of our System.


We will “Open Your Third Eye” and Crown and Central Channel and show your how to use these Systems is all Applications.A “See’r” is to see All things and all Frequencys,Like a Dolphin uses Sonar, being a See’r will help you in many ways. “Hands on Training and Transmission” of all types of Energy will be a constant practice in Class so as to “Experience” all that is spoke of…


Learn how to Tap into the “Forces of Nature” with Special Meditations and Detached Mindset to get what you want in the Spiritual and Material World .Self Balance, Self Growth, Development of your Internal Power,and Visualization / Manifestation using Thought is Real.


“Hawaiian Huna” Sacred to Ho’oponopo , Self Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy is also offered.


If you would like to learn different ways of approach in your Spiritual Path,being a Beginner,Middle Path,or Advanced Master of many Arts, this class will Refine your Skills.


What ever you wish to Focus on in the Arts we offer, I will work with all of you Personally in Class once the basic Foundation is Understood by the Whole Team. We will conduct our Class like a “Kung Fu” School . Training in different Weapons individually one is pulled aside to teach the Weapon, I will teach you if you wish to learn Hypnosis more as another might pick Pet Telepathy…


Student Dues $120 a month.     4 Sundays a month Start any Sunday of any  Month


Location: CenterPoint every Sunday in the Loft upstairs  5 – 7pm

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