Metaphysical Matrix

Rae Dornan, SunRaeHealing, Private Sessions

This TwoSunRaeHealing is instantaneous and profound. These techniques are ideal for anyone who feels overwhelmed or anxious, as well as people who are struggling with money and health issues.  Rae will demonstrate how he works with the human body as a projection of a hologram, “unfold” it to locate blocks and imbalances, and restore it to wholeness and clarity.  His healing modality incorporates techniques using the Sunrae 12 step healing process. This includes the 7 part holographic principle to remove static and negative energies.

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SunRaeHealing also incorporates advanced healing protection, karmic clearings, and dispensations, soul contracts, and life lessons.  Rae will share with you his healing experience.  Bring your questions to learn more about this healing modality and how it has impacted others.

Lightworker’ Sanctuary   7336 Main Street   The Colony, TX 75056

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