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Kevin Leonard

Kevin offers astrological healing/alignment/atunement using sound vibration, crystals, bodywork and counseling.

As a licensed acupuncturist, he has a deep understanding of energetic anatomy. Combined with decades of study in all-things-esoteric, with a special emphasis on alternative healing and on astrology , and an equal amount of time and devotion to his personal transformational path, he brings a unique and well rounded vision to interactions with his clients.

Healing takes place on every level of our being — body, mind, emotions and spirit. Often, our healing environments only penetrate one or two of those levels, whether it takes place in a doctor’s office, at an astrologer’s desk or on a Reiki master’s table. The Whole Body Astrology approach is to utilize tools and methods to engage each level, to seek an integrated wholeness to propel us along our path to healing or our path to transformation.

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