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Rick Ferguson

Rick is a naturally open and gifted intuitive. To him living in this fashion is normal. For the past 24 years this retired educator has consciously followed his spiritual path. Rick has plenty of attitude too… He’s a Taurus from Brooklyn, N.Y. who moved to Houston over 30 years ago and has infused the spirit of Texas into all aspects of his spiritual quest. His early adventures included trance channeling everything from Angels to Aliens. Along the way, Rick discovered that he is from this timeline’s future, and that he has returned with many others to assist in the evolution  of man during this time period.

During sessions, he empowers the individual and connects them with their personal divinity. When this connection is made, all things, including miracles are possible. His particular specialties include medical intuitive( he was doing this before it became popular), past life cellular release, and dna activation. In the summer of 2001 Rick taught himself computer art to share his visions with others. These include the realms of Fairies, Angels, Fantasy Worlds, Unicorns, Dolphins and Sacred Geometry. Merlyn and Metatron have inspired and directed much of his work. His art evokes images and scenes from his collective consciousness, spanning galaxies and universes, reaching the inner child in everyone. Each piece is a crystalized piece of time, a gateway to the soul. As these gateways become more and more energized more light is exchanged with each individual’s soul, bringing about enlightenment.

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