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Spring Forward. What does it mean: “You are not a table.”?

New Growth.. Resurrection?

In Springtime formerly barren, leafless tress begin budding.. The vernal equinox is March 21st this year. Before the month’s end millions will celebrate Easter, followed in less than another month with Passover & Unleavened Bread.. It is a time of New Beginnings.

So what does a spiritual teacher’s showing up alive after being publicly killed – demonstrating that physical death is not the end of everything – have to do with not being a table? Glad you asked.

Funny thing about Spring – it shows up every year – without fail. Always.. even after rough winters, long winters, mild winters. Could this be Nature’s way of reminding us that – no matter what else happens – we’re going to get through this? Could that be possible?

Whether you believe in a resurrection from the dead or not, you can’t help but notice that Life Goes On. Spring is evidence for even the most obstinate atheist that LIFE GOES ON.

One statement from Abraham-Hicks explains it: You are not a table. One reason people don’t like the idea of dying is they don’t understand what the process is. It is not “all over”. Many of us have some vague idea.. if we do good works, are nice to people, get saved, etc. we get to go to where we’ll have it easy – sit on a cloud and play a harp…


spring growthThe truth is WAY better. To make a table, we get some wood, fashion it into legs and a top, fit and secure all of the pieces together, sand it down, apply stain and varnish, etc. and – after a certain amount of time and effort, we are done. Not so with you and me, my friend. We are not getting finished.

WHAT? You mean this whole lifetime of learning, improving, forgiving.. all this pain and suffering and so-called life lessons are not enough? We don’t get to end and we don’t get a break?

I didn’t say that. The point is that – believe it or not – even after we live an entire lifetime, we still want to grow. There is within consciousness this desire to improve, get more, do more, be more. It is what we ARE, my sentient sibling.

Solomon told us, “The eye is not satisfied with seeing, nor the ear with hearing.” Even if drugged into tranquility with anti-depressants, et al, we yearn for more. We are Growth-Seeking Beings. And no.. it doesn’t stop with death.

In our work we access Grace. We tell folks that if and as they are willing, they can get better. Are we saying it depends on the individual how much love they can experience? That Grace, while totally free, can be inhibited by our resistance to it? Absolutely! So then, what shall we do?

II Peter 3:18 tells believers to “..grow in grace and in the knowledge of Jesus Christ.” What that means is: Grace and Knowledge are not limited.

So Spring Forward. If not Knowing, at least being exposed to these two ideas:

  1. You will not cease to exist when you leave your body. And
  2. We are here to Grow (and it can be FUN!). Truth be told – no matter your past experience – regardless of what you have believed up until now, we can absolutely thrive, we really can.

Enjoy this Spring – it looks like its shaping up to be Your Best Ever


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