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ENERGY: The good, and the bad.

good evilThe question has been asked over and over, can energy be dark.

Easy answer is yes, it can. The question to be asked is, “How does it become that way?”

I will try and explain. Energy in its pure form is neutral; neither good nor bad. The energy from the sun gives life to the planet and all living things. Nothing bad there right? However as in the case of the ancient Greeks, the energy from the sun was used for great destruction. Remember they used huge mirrors to focus sun rays to burn advancing ships.

The same principal applies to energy workers/practitioners. We all pull in our energy from the same source. We all drink from the same well. What our “intentions” are, what we use this energy for, is what makes the difference.

A person, who is “dark”, will pull in neutral energy, same as a person who is “light”. When the energy leaves the person who is dark, it will carry energetic signatures or qualities (representing that dark practitioner). It is “tainted”, carrying those signatures. Energy has the ability to become layered in the environment over time. If we are to believe, whether in a micro to macro scale, the notion of this universe operating on a feedback system, then we can observe how this “dark” energy can affect its environment (us included).

That energy does NOT have to remain dark however. It can be made neutral or light again. It can be “cleaned” while rebalancing itself back into the environment. It must be re-mixed with the light. As an example, a gallon of dirty water poured into five gallons of clean water, will make the dirty clean again.The same rules apply with energy.

We can feel/witness this principle expressing itself over land, houses, etc. They can become dark with the use of dark energy, but when enough light energy is put in its place it becomes diffused.

When working with energy, ALWAYS, keep your hearts, your actions, and intentions toward good will and pure of cause!!

Duncan O’Finioan and Susan Kinney

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