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Back to the Garden, pt 1

All of the major cultures of antiquity shared one thing in common. The Greeks, the Egyptians, the Sumerians, the Chinese, the Indians, the Persians – all of them – gazed to the stars to seek to understand their place in the world. The allure is understandable. Who does not intuitively grasp that the answers to the mysteries are reflected between the Heavens and ourselves?

The Chinese mystics – the early Taoists – paralleled the Hermetic maxim of “As above, so below” in their own teachings. They viewed the world as a holographic construct – just as many modern philosophers – even though they used different language. They considered the Heavens to be the Macrocosm, or the Greater Heaven, and they considered the human to be the  Microcosm, or Smaller Heaven. What was in the heavens was reflected in body. One was an image of the other. This imaging system goes deeper, as revealed in systems like reflexology or auricular acupuncture where the entire human body is shown as a map of the sole of the foot or the surface of the ear.

Taoist creation philosophy says, “The One becomes Two [yin & yang]; the Two become Three [balance/connection]; and the Three becomes the Myriad of All Things.” Every substance of the earth is a both a product of and a reflection back to the source of all. This idea is found in near identical form during the time of Hellenized Egypt, from where the Hermetic writings – the Corpus Hermeticum – containing the core of what is called magic or occult knowledge in the Western world, and also containing the seeds of modern science as developed through Alchemy.

chakra planetsThe Hermetic principle says that, during incarnation, the undifferentiated human Spirit steps down through the “planetary spheres” of 5 planets and 2 luminaries (Sun and Moon) and becomes individualized. The Taoist recognize the 5 planets as the 5 Elements. The 5 planets move through the 12 astrological houses in the sky every day. Likewise, the 5 elements move through the 12 acupuncture channels in the body every day. The Sun and Moon are mirrored in the Chinese Medicine/ Taoist concept of vitality and essence, qi and jing.

Hindu and Vedic cultures, especially through yogic spiritual practices and Ayurveda, also viewed the body as a mirror of the heavens, with the heavens leaving its imprints in the human energy system. Chakra correspondence systems map the planets to each of the chakras, essentially creating a planetary rulership over each chakra.

Saturn, for instance, is said to rule the root chakra – the muladhara chakra. This makes perfect sense, knowing that Saturn is the first of the planetary spheres the human Spirit encounters during the incarnation process. It is here that we take on our first level of physicality – what becomes our skin and bones –  our boundaries with the world and the structure with which we navigate the same world; survival parameters, in other words. If you know chakra correspondences, you know that Ganesha, Hindu deity of new beginnings, rules the chakra, which is often called the survival chakra.

All of these cultures, across the globe and across time, agree that the sky map overlays the body map. The map is large and diverse and the implications are enormous for health and for the integration of the mind/body/spirit complex. It is this integration which is at the center of true healing. One simply cannot get more holistic than viewing the body as a map of the entirety of the cosmos.

The Whole Body Astrology approach is toward holism. Mind, body, Spirit and emotions do not exist separate from each other. It is against holism and health (they share same root word) to view the body any other way. Whole Body Astrology treatments work on the acupuncture meridian system and the chakra system with sound, qi, essential oils and dressing oils, and herbs – all in the context of the client’s astrological birth chart.

Kevin Leonard, L.Ac. is a licensed healthcare provider with the Texas Medical Board. He is available for walk-in appointments most Sundays at Centerpoint, and available on Thursdays and Fridays by appointment. Call for other availability. 832-477-7887

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